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Center for Evaluation and Methods

Prof. Georg Rudinger (former Head of Methodology Research, Statistics and Computing at the Institute for Psychology) founded the Center for Evaluation and Methods at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn in 1999.

Our key research areas are evaluation, media as well as social and market research. Twelve academic researchers and twenty non-academic researchers work at the ZEM.

We conduct research on behalf of private enterprise as well as government and university bodies. Our interview center with its 30 telephone workstations conducts the surveys swiftly and at a high standard. The statistics unit analyses survey data, including foreign, and processes it into a clear and comprehensible form.

The ZEM is responsible for implementing the university evaluation for the University of Bonn. As part of a cooperative project, the ZEM also carries out the University of Leipzig's university evaluation.

Expertise in empirical methods and evaluation for statistical training is used in the university teaching environment in cooperation between the departments of Psychology and Education. In the near future, this form of cooperation will also include Communication Research, Phonetics and other partners (Sociology and Political Science) in BA/MA courses. The ZEM is also responsible for computing-related questions in the Faculty of Philosophy and plays a significant role in the organization and maintenance of IT services.

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