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PRISMA survey on 'Use and experiences with measurement tools in palliative care' in Europe and Africa



This short online survey on measurement tools in palliative care addresses professionals working in palliative in different European and African countries. The aim of the survey is to inform the development of future resources for outcome measurement. The main focus of the survey is on tools that assess patients’ needs, quality of life, quality of care, and symptoms in adult patients.

The survey forms part of PRISMA (Reflecting the Positive diveRsities of European prIorities for reSearch and Measurement in end-of-life cAre) and has been developed by the German Association for Palliative Medicine and the Department of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation, King’s College London. PRISMA is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (contract number: Health-F2-2008-201655) with the overall aim to co-ordinate high-quality international research into end-of-life cancer care. PRISMA aims to provide evidence and guidance on best practice to ensure that research can measure and improve outcomes for patients and families. PRISMA activities aim to reflect the preferences and cultural diversities of citizens, the clinical priorities of clinicians, and appropriately measure multidimensional outcomes across settings where end-of-life care is delivered.

Principal Investigator: Richard Harding.

Scientific Director: Irene J Higginson.

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